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Do You Know The Analysis Of CNC Turning Process?

Apr. 11, 2020

I learned from the CNC Turning Iron Part Factory that CNC machine tools, as a kind of high-efficiency equipment, in order to give full play to its high performance, high precision and high automation characteristics, in addition to mastering the performance, characteristics and operating methods of machine tools, Before programming, conduct detailed process analysis and determine a reasonable processing technology to obtain the optimal processing program.

The processing technology of CNC Turning Iron Part and CNC Turning Steel Part are the sum of the methods and technical means used when using CNC lathes to process parts. Its main contents include the following aspects: selection and determination of the content of CNC turning processing of parts; analysis of CNC turning processing technology of part drawings; selection and adjustment design of tools and fixtures; design of working procedures and working steps; calculation and processing of machining trajectories Optimization; CNC turning machining program compilation, verification and modification; the first trial processing and on-site problem handling; preparation of CNC machining process technical documents; in short, CNC machining process content is more, and some are similar to ordinary machine tool processing.

Do You Know The Analysis Of CNC Turning Process?cid=3

CNC Machined Spindles Shafts

Process analysis is the preparatory process for CNC turning. Whether the process is reasonable or not has an important influence on the preparation of the program, the processing efficiency of the machine tool and the processing accuracy of the parts. In order to compile reasonable and practical processing the program, programmers are required not only to understand the working principle, performance characteristics and structure of CNC lathes. Master programming language and programming format, you should also be proficient in the machining process of the workpiece, determine the reasonable cutting amount, and select the tool and workpiece clamping method correctly. Therefore, we should follow the general process principles and combine the characteristics of CNC lathes to carefully and detailedly analyze the CNC turning process. Its main contents are: analyzing the processing requirements and rationality of parts according to the drawings; determining the clamping method of the workpiece on the CNC lathe; the processing sequence of each surface, the feed route of the tool, and the selection of the tool, fixture and cutting amount.

Part drawing analysis is the primary task of formulating CNC turning technology. Mainly carry out analysis of the dimensioning method, analysis of geometric elements of the outline, analysis of accuracy and technical requirements. In addition, the rationality of part structure and processing requirements should be analyzed, and the process benchmark should be selected.

The dimensioning method on the part drawing should be adapted to the processing characteristics of the CNC lathe, and the dimensions should be marked on the same basis or the coordinate dimensions should be given directly. This labelling method is not only convenient for programming but also conducive to the unification of design basis, process basis, measurement basis and programming origin. If there is no uniform design basis for the dimensions in each direction on the part drawing, consider selecting a unified process basis without affecting the accuracy of the parts. Calculation and transformation of various sizes to simplify programming calculations.

In manual programming, it is necessary to calculate the coordinates of each node. In automatic programming, all geometric elements of the part contour must be defined. Therefore, in the analysis of part drawings, it is necessary to analyze whether the given conditions of geometric elements are sufficient.