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Some Fault Solutions Of Aluminum Plate CNC Machining Center

Sep. 23, 2019

Find here details of CNC Machining Parts on our website. Today we would like to talk about some fault solutions of aluminum plate CNC machining center.

The technicians familiar with the aluminum CNC machining center know that the servo system can provide the source power for the machine tool. If the servo system fails, the entire machine can not operate. Of course, sometimes the processing center has been used for a long time. Some faults are also inevitable. How can we solve the problem in the face of failure? Let's see what is a good solution?

CNC Machining Parts

CNC Machining Parts

Let's take a look at some common aluminum plate CNC machining center servo system failures shared by CNC Machining Parts Supplier:

1. The fuse on the CNC speed control unit of the machining center is blown or the circuit breaker trips.

2. The current is large, causing the machine tool to alarm. A large current alarm occurs. There are two possibilities under normal circumstances, that is, the large current alarm caused by the damage and short circuit of the power drive component on the CNC speed control unit of the machining center.

3. The feedback route of the detection speed is broken, which causes the alarm. This situation is a false alarm, because the airport has no problem, and there is a problem in the detection feedback system. Most of the alarms occur are the speed feedback line of the CNC servo motor of the machining center. Broken or caused by poor contact with the detection feedback line.

4. Overload alarm, the cause of the overload alarm is the machining center CNC mechanical load is not normal, or the upper limit of the motor current on the speed control unit is set too low.

5. The voltage is too high, causing the machine to generate an alarm. The specific conditions can be divided into three types: one is the insulation performance inside the servo motor, the other is the high voltage caused by the line of the machining center operation speed control unit, and the third is the CNC input voltage of the machining center. Exceeded 10% of the rated value.

In short, there are many reasons for the failure of the servo system of the aluminum plate CNC machining center. However, no matter which kind of total response, there are countermeasures. In the face of failure, the technician should calmly analyze and provide an effective solution strategy. In the face of the above failures, our company has made the following analysis based on years of experience:

1. If the fuse is blown or tripped due to speed, it is necessary to control the speed of the machining center in time, do a good job of testing, and record and remind the on-duty personnel in time.

2. The machine alarm caused by the large current, this is mostly because the repair and maintenance equipment personnel are not in place or the parts aging replacement speed has not kept up, it is recommended that customers do more maintenance work during the use.

3. Even if the feedback speed is broken due to the detection speed, it can't be said that there is no problem at all. If it is judged as a false alarm, the equipment should be shut down immediately for comprehensive overhaul, and the feedback system and the whole machine tool should be determined to operate without problems.

4. When an overload alarm occurs, notify the maintenance personnel in time to check the cause, adjust and make a record.

5. If the voltage is too high, it is necessary to check whether the problem of the aluminum plate CNC machining center itself is caused by the external voltage is too high. If it is an external factor, adjust the plugged circuit in time. If it is the machine itself, then it must detect its own. Line problem.

No matter whether it is an aluminum plate CNC machining center or other machine tool equipment, it is necessary to panic, don't be too busy, be sure to pay attention to safety, and notify the maintenance technicians in time.

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