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What Kind Of Installation Environment Does The CNC Machining Center Need?

Sep. 16, 2019

Here is a professional company who can supply CNC Machining Parts with you talking about what kind of installation environment does the CNC machining center need.

CNC machining center is an automatic processing equipment developed by CNC milling machine. The powerful processing capability of CNC machining center can bring higher work efficiency to the enterprise. What environmental requirements do processing companies need to consider when installing CNC machining centers?

CNC Machining Parts

CNC Machining Parts

1. Location requirements

Keep away from vibration sources and direct sunlight. If there is a source nearby, a shock-proof groove should be provided.

2. Temperature and humidity

The preferred processing ambient temperature for CNC machining centers is below 30 °C. Excessive ambient temperatures and humidity can reduce the life of the components of the control system. Excessive ambient humidity can also cause short circuits and faults on the integrated circuit board.

3. Voltage and current control

There are many processing equipment in the workshop, which will cause the grid to fluctuate too much. We need to control the voltage and current within the allowable range of the machining center and keep it stable, otherwise it may affect the system's work. The power supply should be: 380V ± 10%, three-phase AC.

As a CNC Machining Parts Supplier, we know CNC machining center needs to be accepted after installation, because the acceptance of CNC machining center directly affects the equipment of the manufacturer. The general factory acceptance standard is to directly test the work piece. In fact, after the work piece processing test, basically It is able to confirm that the key parts of this machining center are in compliance with the standard and there is no problem under normal use. What is the spindle performance check of the CNC machining center?

1. Select the low, medium and high third speeds. The spindle continuously performs 5 positive and negative starts, then stops the operation and checks the flexibility and reliability of its operation. Also check that the power display on the load meter meets the requirements.

2. The data input can be manually input to gradually increase the spindle from the low speed to the maximum speed allowed. Check if the speed is normal. Generally, the allowable error cannot exceed 10%. While checking the spindle speed. Observe the noise, vibration and temperature rise of the main shaft. The spindle will rise to 15"C after 2 hours of high speed operation.

3. In order to check the flexibility and reliability of the spindle movement, the spindle can be stopped and operated continuously for more than 5 times.

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