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How To Choose CNC Machining Tools?

Sep. 04, 2019

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The selection of CNC tools and the determination of cutting amount are important contents in the CNC machining process. It not only affects the machining efficiency of CNC machine tools, but also directly affects the processing quality. So how do CNC machining companies choose tools? Today, CNC Precision Machining Factory would like to share with you the methods.

5 Axis Precision Machining Service

5 Axis Precision Machining Service

The tool selection and cutting amount determination of the CNC machining center is completed in the human-computer interaction state, which is in sharp contrast with the ordinary machine tool processing. It also requires the programmer to master the basic principles of tool selection and cutting amount determination. Taking full account of the characteristics of CNC machining, the cutting tool and cutting amount can be correctly selected.

The general principle of tool selection is: easy installation and adjustment, good rigidity, durability and high precision. Under the premise of meeting the processing requirements, try to choose a shorter tool holder to improve the rigidity of the tool processing.

Familiar with the importance of the tool for CNC machining, it is inevitable that the knife will occur during the use process. For example, if there is a problem with the origin and coordinate system of the CNC machining center, the blade will be faulty. How to solve it?

At the time of starting up, the machine origin is not set. At this time, the program is run. If you accidentally, the machine will hit the knife because the system does not know the exact position of the machine, and the machine origin is incorrect. Therefore, we must check the setting of the origin of the CNC machining center coordinate system before starting the machine.

For the setting of the workpiece coordinate system, before the machining operation, the zero point setting or the coordinate system setting of the workpiece coordinate system is correct. At this time, the CNC machining center will not have the problem that the size of the workpiece or the workpiece is not correct.

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