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Common Market Requirements for Aluminum Processing

Feb. 25, 2020

With the development of the times, people will invent various products to meet the needs of users, because only in this way can a good market sales, people will like it. The same is true of aluminum processing. What common market needs can it meet for aluminum processing. Next let CNC Machined Brass Plain Components Manufacturer take everyone to take a look.

In life, we use all kinds of parts, that is, when using many machines, we use many parts. But sometimes our parts are not accurate enough, so we can buy aluminum parts for processing at this time. why? Because in fact, aluminum processing can be equivalent to many common parts. Without these components, many of our machines would be useless.

But we often happen again, that is, we sometimes find that our aluminum processing is not good enough. Take cars for example. If our car is broken, we will buy parts and then CNC parts. When we returned, we found that we still couldn't meet the requirements of our car. At this time, you need to deal with things such as aluminum processing and production, that is, processing the aluminum processing and purchase you purchase, and then meet the requirements of your machine. 

The quality of CNC Aluminum Parts products means that the qualified products provided need to fully and reasonably meet the service performance and user requirements of the products. In other words, from the selection of raw materials and accessories, the careful design of process equipment and molds, the careful preparation and implementation of aluminum processing methods and process specifications, and the accurate inspection of products during the production process, the technical standards or technical quality are formally formally sign. The requirements of the index can be met in all aspects (including material composition, appearance and internal quality, organization and performance, accuracy of size and shape, etc.). As with most other products, the quality indicators for the raw materials selected for aluminum processing should include the following:

CNC Aluminum Parts

CNC Aluminum Parts

1. Chemical composition Including the main constituent elements of the alloy and their proportions, the amount of trace elements added and impurity elements should meet the requirements of relevant technical standards or technical agreements.

2. Internal organization. Mainly include particle size, morphology and distribution; quantity, scale and distribution of the second stage; quantity, size and distribution of metal and non-metallic inclusions; porosity and gas content and distribution; internal cracks and other discontinuities; streamlining Meet the requirements of technical standards or technical agreements.

3. Internal and external surface quality. According to the requirements of technical standards, the inner and outer surfaces should be smooth, smooth, and harmonious in color, to achieve a certain degree of smoothness, no cracks, scratches, scratches and corrosion marks, no bubbles, pores, black and white spots, pits and waves.

4. Performance. According to technical standards or user requirements, reasonable physical and chemical properties, corrosion resistance, mechanical properties, processability or special performance indicators should be achieved.

5. Dimensional tolerance and shape and position accuracy. Dimensional tolerances include cross-sections and product shapes, and positional accuracy should meet technical standards and use requirements.

The above is the common market demand for aluminum parts processing introduced by CNC Precision Machining Parts supplier.