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How to Improve the Qualified Rate of CNC Precision Parts Processing?

Mar. 23, 2020

Today's CNC Precision Machining Factory is developing at an alarming rate. To meet the needs of today's customers, maintaining speed or leadership is critical to your business. For many CNC machining custom customers, the use and outsourcing of precision machining has 7 advantages:

1.Low error

By using CNC lathe machining, once the correct specifications are entered, the automatic precision machining process begins. Compared with manual machining, the probability of machining errors of precision mechanical parts is extremely low.

2. Reduce material waste

Since the core concept of precision mechanical part processing is subtraction, there is a huge potential for material waste from the beginning to the end of a single product. CNC machining customization helps reduce material loss due to human error.

3. Consistent product quality

Machining precision parts with CNC lathes, the output time is the same again and again. Continuous production of high-quality precision mechanical parts processed products can enhance customer confidence and brand awareness.

4.Improved workflow

When studying how to manage opportunity costs, the key is that engineers' time and skills are spent on actual product development, not on minor design changes. Companies that provide precision machining services can often make minor modifications during prototyping to meet design or industry standards.

5. Reduce turnaround time

Opportunities to improve existing factory workflows (if you can afford machine investment and skilled labor to operate it, you can use in-house precision machines), or use outsourced precision machining services.

6.Faster production cycle

Being able to bring your product to market faster gives you an advantage over a facility that still uses the old methodology. You may also have more flexibility to make changes due to industry regulations or customer requirements.

7.Easier prototype testing

Custom machining of precision mechanical parts can make the development phase of the product flexible because market opportunities are identified.

CNC Precision Machining Parts

CNC Precision Machining Parts

The qualification rate of parts processing plants is closely related to the quality of CNC Precision Machining Parts. If the qualified rate of spare parts processing is too low, the competitiveness of the product is conceivable. Therefore, the qualification rate is the lifeline for suppliers!

To improve the qualification rate, the design of spare parts processing must be correct. The design must be based on reality. The starting point of the design should be conducive to the processing of the parts processing plant, and cannot be separated from the actual CNC precision parts processing. If the design drawings are not easy to be processed under the existing conditions, it is also a waste product.

To improve the qualification rate, the process of parts processing must be reasonable. Doing a good job in the arrangement of CNC precision parts can not only improve the production efficiency of parts processing plants, but also ensure the qualification rate of products. Reasonably calculate the materials required for each workpiece to reasonably arrange each process, and step by step, there will be no errors.

To improve the qualification rate, the employees of spare parts processing must have experience. CNC precision parts processing is very particular about experience. The master can get the processing drawings to analyze whether the drawing design is intact and accurate, and the accuracy of the surface of the part, the integrity of the surface, and the process requirements can be in the existing conditions of the part processing plant. achieve. This skilled operation experience greatly guarantees the qualification rate of the product, which is not available to many new employees.

To improve the qualification rate, attention must be paid to the details of spare parts processing. Select the appropriate speed feed rate, the workpiece cutting volume must meet the requirements to complete, accurately select the tool angle, accurately use a variety of measuring tools, comply with strict CNC precision parts processing requirements ... if every detail, the parts processing factory employees are Able to keep improving and meticulously perform every process, such a qualified rate must be guaranteed.

The above is the method to improve the precision rate of CNC precision parts processing introduced by the CNC Turning Iron Part supplier.