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Method Of CNC Machining To Improve Production Efficiency

Nov. 26, 2019

People are always looking for technologies and methods that can increase the productivity and efficiency of CNC machining systems and processes. It is also important to maximize CNC machining productivity. By making common mistakes, many manufacturers reduce their chances of achieving high yields. To understand your actual production level, you can investigate. By recording the output of the machine and averaging, you can find the operating efficiency. In order to improve CNC machining efficiency, you can follow the tips given by CNC Precision Machining Parts Manufacturer.

First of all, we need to choose a suitable CNC lathe. The CNC lathe uses a computer-controlled machine to form a special end product. This method uses a single-point cutting tool that is installed parallel to the job to remove chips. The tool rotates at a dynamic speed, and the tool cutting can also form a cylindrical cutting by actual measurement. It does not make round or hollow shapes from larger materials. This is an automatic method and the speed will change with higher accuracy instead of manual deformation.

There is no doubt that CNC turned parts and CNC Turning Precision Components are different process parts, and will ultimately produce different results. They all need to be checked individually according to the part product, which will definitely affect the price of the part. If you need to make some parts and you don't know which method to use for parts processing, then let us know.

CNC Precision Machining Parts

CNC Precision Machining Parts

CNC Precision Machining Parts or custom parts are in high demand in almost all industries, including the automotive industry, biomedical industry, aviation, instrumentation, robotics and many other industries. With the advancement of technology, the processing of spare parts requires higher ultra-precision machining. This technology is also a new innovation. Ultra-precision machining is a new innovation in precision machining. CNC lathe machining can perform precision machining at the micro level. Ultra-precision CNC lathe machining was originally developed for precision machining of metal optical components with extremely low tolerances. In the past few years, thanks to new developments, diamond cutting tools, parts machining processes and workpiece materials have achieved greater flexibility. The use of hard turning in the machining of parts is a single-point cutting of hardened materials with hardness ranging from 54 to 67 HRC and within 2 microns.

Then there are issues that should be paid attention to during CNC processing.

1. Perform maintenance in advance to avoid malfunctions

CNC machine tools will fail at some point in their lives. No matter what you do, it happens. Machines are prone to wear and you cannot stop this natural process. However, you can predict when maintenance is needed and provide appropriate time for maintaining the equipment. In this way, you can avoid downtime due to CNC machining machine failure.

When a part is damaged and you must replace it with a new one, contact your OEM immediately. To avoid unnecessary delays, be sure to remind them again and again to send you new sections. You shouldn't worry about paying extra cash to get this part urgently, because the money will not help compared to the cost of delaying production. Whenever you deal with production, you need to consider both revenue generation and cost savings.

2. Eliminate operator waiting time

CNC machining equipment should always have an operator. During lunchtime, machine operators can rest at different times to ensure that all machines are working at that moment. Workers should be skilled enough to operate multiple machines at any given time. The machine should operate even during shift changes.

The above is the method of CNC processing to improve production efficiency, I hope to help everyone.