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What Is Aluminum Alloy CNC Machining?

Oct. 16, 2019

Due to the improvement of the level of science and technology and the level of industrial production, the production of parts has gradually used the aluminum alloy CNC processing. Nowadays, the demand for aluminum alloys is also high. The new materials such as aluminum alloys are widely used in aerospace. In the fields of machinery manufacturing, automobile maintenance and ship chemical industry, the benefits of aluminum alloy materials are also considerable. The following CNC Machining Parts Supplier introduce you to what is aluminum alloy CNC machining, what are its advantages?

Aluminum alloy CNC machining refers to the processing of aluminum alloy by numerically controlled machining tools. Aluminum alloy parts machining, also known as CNC machining, automatic lathe processing, CNC lathe processing, etc., aluminum alloy CNC machining mainly uses CNC machining, which has great advantages compared to manual machining, CNC aluminum alloy CNC machining is very high Accuracy and repeatability, and CNC machining can produce things that can't be produced by manual machining. The limitations are reduced, the plasticity is enhanced, and complex and diverse parts can be made.

The emergence of new materials has made people have higher requirements for the use of materials. It has been found that people prefer metal materials, texture, anti-corrosion, strong vitality and long service life. Aluminum alloy is the most important choice. So what is the method of aluminum alloy CNC machining?

The tin-cobalt alloy plating is similar to the color of the electroplated cobalt, but it is softer and more popular. Most of them are currently used to replace chromium. Electroplated cobalt is not easy to be barrel-plated, while electroplated tin-cobalt alloy is suitable for barrel plating of small parts. In addition, the electroplated tin-cobalt alloy has excellent throwing power and barrel plating capability, so it can be applied to workpieces with complex shapes. If the double-layer nickel is electroplated on the bottom layer, its corrosion resistance is no less than that of electroplating. In order to prevent surface discoloration, it is treated by impregnating chromate, which also improves its corrosion resistance. Its appearance is light rose, making it feel comfortable and has excellent corrosion resistance. A good gloss surface can be obtained by applying a tin-nickel alloy plating to a glossy substrate or a bright nickel plating layer. If the surface of the matte surface (pear) is plated, the original condition of the surface can be reproduced. The plating layer has excellent throwing power and almost no leveling action, so it is suitable for electroplating requiring extremely fine lines and rotating products.

Aluminum surface damage will definitely occur during the processing of aluminum alloy CNC. The surface damage of aluminum profiles is a problem encountered by many aluminum alloy CNC processing enterprises. How can we prevent or reduce the surface damage of aluminum profiles? Since the surface damage of the aluminum profile will greatly reduce the product rate of the aluminum profile and increase the production cost of many enterprises, we have found that this problem has become a hot topic for most companies.

In order to solve the problem of surface damage of aluminum profiles, it is necessary to find out the cause and find a solution from the cause. What is the cause of the surface damage of aluminum profiles during aluminum alloy CNC machining? Let us talk about the human factors and the reasons for the aluminum alloy CNC processing equipment. The human factor mainly refers to the damage caused by some unfamiliar operators who drag the profiles on the swinging bed. In addition, during the transportation process, the aluminum profiles are improperly placed, so that the profiles are rubbed or squeezed together to form a damage. If it is the damage caused by the Plain CNC Machined Spindles Shafts, then the mold cavity or work with dust and debris is not excluded, so that the hardness of the working belt is low, and the aluminum profile is scratched during the extrusion process.

Plain CNC Machined Spindles Shafts

Plain CNC Machined Spindles Shafts

If the aluminum alloy CNC machining track or the swing bed has the presence of aluminum chips, it may also cause scratches on the surface of the aluminum profile and affect the yield.

In short, there are many factors that affect the surface scratch of aluminum profiles. So how do we deal with them?

For the damage caused by human factors, we should strengthen the management of personnel, aluminum profiles need to be handled with care to avoid random drag. For the problems in the processing, it is recommended that you regularly check the aluminum alloy CNC machining track and swing bed to remove the impurities and aluminum chips. Leave a gap in the middle when placing it, and lay more felt to prevent collision and friction.

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