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10 Knowledges You Need To Master In Cnc Machining

May. 25, 2020

CNC machining axis manufacturer introduces us to 10 knowledge that CNC machining needs to master.

1. Effect on cutting temperature: cutting speed, feed rate, back-feeding amount;

Influence on cutting force: back-feeding amount, feed rate, cutting speed;

The impact on the durability of the tool: cutting speed, feed rate, the amount of back eaten.

2. When the amount of back-eating knife is doubled, the cutting force is doubled;

When the feed rate is doubled, the cutting force will increase by about 70%;

When the cutting speed doubles, the cutting force gradually decreases;

In other words, if G99 is used, the cutting speed will become larger and the cutting force will not change much.

3. The cutting force can be judged according to the situation of iron filings, and whether the cutting temperature is within the normal range.

4. When the measured actual value X and the diameter Y of the drawing are greater than 0.8, the concave arc of the car, the turning tool with a secondary declination angle of 52 degrees (that is, our commonly used blade is a turning tool with a main declination angle of 35 degrees and 93 degrees ) The R from the car may wipe the knife at the starting point.

5. The temperature represented by the color of iron filings:

White is less than 200 degrees

Yellow 220-240 degrees

Dark blue 290 degrees

Blue 320-350 degrees

Purple black is greater than 500 degrees

Red is greater than 800 degrees

6. The external thread is generally 1.3P and the internal thread is 1.08P.

7. Thread speed S1200 / pitch * safety factor (generally 0.8).

8. Manual tool nose R compensation formula: chamfering from bottom to top: Z = R * (1-tan (a / 2)) X = R (1-tan (a / 2)) * tan (a) From Up and down chamfering can be changed from minus to plus.

9. For every 0.05 increase in feed, the speed decreases by 50-80 rpm. This is because reducing the speed means that the tool wear is reduced, and the cutting force increases slowly, thereby making up for the increase in cutting force due to the increase in feed The impact.

10. The influence of cutting speed and cutting force on the tool is very important. The relationship between cutting speed and cutting force: the faster the cutting speed, the feed will remain unchanged, and the cutting force will slowly decrease. The higher, when the cutting force and internal stress are too large to withstand the blade, it will fall into the avalanche (of course, there are also causes of stress and hardness decline caused by temperature changes).

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