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How To Judge Whether The Aluminum Frame Processed By Aluminum Frame Is Qualified Or Not?

Aug. 05, 2019

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As we all know, the quality of aluminum profiles sold in the aluminum profile market is mixed, resulting in many unqualified aluminum profiles on the market. Some unscrupulous merchants, in order to seek profiteering, will not hesitate to reduce costs, resulting in sales chaos in the aluminum profile market. Consumers do not know how to judge whether the aluminum profiles are qualified.

Custom CNC Precision Parts

Custom CNC Precision Parts

Regular professional aluminum frame CNC processing manufacturers will strictly select materials to ensure product quality, because only quality improvement can have a good reputation, marketing do not have to worry. So what is the unqualified performance of aluminum profiles in the current market situation? Let CNC Precision Machining Service Provider tell you.

Unqualified film thickness, in order to reduce electricity costs, reduce costs, reduce oxidation time, resulting in unqualified oxide film thickness, affecting the corrosion resistance of industrial aluminum. The thickness of the aluminum profile processed by the aluminum frame CNC should not be less than 10μ.

Shortening the sealing time will result in poor sealing, which will affect the corrosion resistance and pollution resistance of the aluminum profile.

The reason for the failure of the geometrical tolerance is that the extruder is too old, or the aluminum frame CNC machining equipment is relatively outdated, which will cause the aluminum profile to be incompatible with the parts, and even more unusable.

Those familiar with CNC machining of aluminum frames know that the thinner the wall thickness of aluminum profiles, the lower the cost. The wall thickness of qualified profiles needs to be measured with calipers and cannot exceed or fall below the tolerance range. This is the so-called wall thickness failure.

If the products processed by the aluminum frame CNC are unqualified, it will seriously affect the company's interests. Don't say that any product is not qualified or can be sold. In the long run, this is a bad thing for people. If the aluminum frame CNC processing enterprise wants to develop, it must guarantee the quality of the product and do the after-sales service.

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