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What Is The Definition Of CNC Precision Machining Parts?

Jul. 26, 2019

CNC Precision Machining Parts processing usually divided into: roughing, semi-finishing, finishing 

Obviously, precision machining and high-precision grinding are fine machining.

High-precision grinding: usually called fine grinding

Precision machining and high precision grinding are affiliation.

A fine-grained grinding bar is pressed against a rotating workpiece at a certain pressure, and is subjected to a reciprocating oscillation in the axial direction to perform a micro-cutting finishing process. Super-finishing is generally arranged after the finishing process, and the machining allowance is small (usually 5 to 8 microns). It is commonly used to machine various internal and external cylindrical surfaces, conical surfaces, planes, spherical surfaces, etc., such as crankshafts, rolls, Brass High Precision Machined Shaft, and rolling bearings. Ferrules and various precision parts. After the workpiece is super-finished, the surface roughness can reach R0.08-0.01 microns, and the surface processing lines are formed by the intersection of the corrugated curves, which is easy to form an oil film and improve the lubrication effect, so the wear resistance is good. Due to the low temperature in the cutting zone and the slight plastic deformation of the surface layer, the surface has a low residual compressive stress. The commonly used grinding bar particle size for super finishing is generally W0.5~W28; the commonly used cutting fluid is about 80% kerosene plus about 20% of engine oil, and is strictly filtered; the bar pressure is generally 0.05-0.3 MPa; The amplitude of the strip is generally 1 to 6 mm; the peripheral speed of the workpiece is generally not more than 700 m/min. If it is necessary to improve the shape accuracy of the part and remove the grinding and deteriorating layer, the remaining amount must be removed by about 0.03 mm. At this time, the super-finishing process is divided into two stages of coarse and fine grinding, and the coarse-grained grinding bar and large rotating speed are used for roughing. And the bar pressure, take a smaller value during finishing.

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