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CNC Precision Parts Processing

Mar. 03, 2020

When many CNC Precision Machining Factory develop new products, they will first make a model for verification based on the design drawings. This process is commonly referred to as CNC precision aluminum part machining model proofing. The main purpose is to verify whether the design of this CNC precision machining product is reasonable. The CNC Precision Machining Parts not only have the characteristics of light weight and good strength, but also show good effect on the surface after oxidation treatment. They are deeply loved by CNC precision machining product development companies.

CNC Aluminum Parts

CNC Aluminum Parts

The competition in the CNC precision machining market is becoming increasingly fierce, and many CNC precision processing plants are beginning to feel the pressure, especially CNC Aluminum Parts processing business. In the process of model proofing of CNC precision aluminum parts processing, programmers are required to write CNC precision according to drawings. Mechanical processing program, removing excess parts of aluminum alloy material through machining to obtain the prototype of the product. On the production line of the CNC precision processing plant, the aluminum alloy model processed the marks (knife marks and lines) by CNC lathes, and then polished with sandpaper to make the appearance of the model smooth and smooth.

For example, the automotive industry cannot do without CNC precision aluminum parts processing. The new generation of automotive products is becoming more and more portable, thanks to the large number of aluminum processing products used in automotive bodies. The emergence of each type of car requires the cooperation of many CNC precision processing plants, and it must be supported by a complete CNC precision aluminum parts processing industry chain. The mold opening of automotive CNC precision machining is often used in the research and development of automotive products. If there is no CNC precision aluminum parts processing model, it is impossible to know whether the new automotive products will really be loved by the masses. When the drawings of the new CNC precision machining process come out, you need to find a CNC precision processing factory to make a model and see the physical model to further optimize the product design.

When processing the CNC precision aluminum parts in the CNC precision processing factory, the surface of the CNC precision machining is sprayed with a sand-like effect during the sand blasting process, so that the samples of the CNC precision aluminum parts look more textured. The oxidation reaction of the sample processed by CNC precision aluminum parts forms a film to make it difficult to scratch, so that the sample processed by CNC precision aluminum parts has higher protection and observability.

Prototyping of aluminum alloy models is generally processed by CNC precision aluminum parts. There are no limitations on the material, and it has high processing accuracy and good material strength. The materials used for vacuum copying and 3D printing are relatively brittle, confirmed and not heat resistant. Therefore, when CNC precision processing plants proofing aluminum alloy models, they will choose to use CNC precision aluminum parts processing.