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Method For Removing Metal Burr By Cnc Part Processing

Jan. 07, 2020

Burrs occur in metal casting, milling or electroplating, and the surface of metal parts is leftover or very fine microscopic metal particles. The appearance of burrs will greatly reduce the quality standards of metal workpieces, so they should be prevented as much as possible, or some burrs should be removed. The simplest deburring methods are as follows. The following CNC Precision Machining Parts Manufacturer will introduce them to you.

1. Manual deburring

Operators use tools such as files, sandpaper, and grinding heads to grind workpieces and remove burrs. This method does not have high technical requirements for workers, and is suitable for products with small burrs and simple product structures. Therefore, it is also a deburring method commonly used by enterprises. There are two types of files: manual files and pneumatic files. The manual file is more expensive, the deburring efficiency is not very high, and it is difficult to remove complex cross holes.

2. Die deburring

The burr is removed by using a method of making a die and a punch. Deburring of a die requires a certain amount of manufacturing cost for the rough die and fine die, and it may also need to make a shaping die. Suitable for products with simpler parting surfaces, the efficiency and effect of deburring are better than manual methods.

3.Grinding and deburring

Grinding and deburring is a method of removing burrs by means of vibration, sandblasting, rollers, etc., and is currently widely used by enterprises. The problem with grinding and deburring is that sometimes the removal is not very clean, and subsequent manual processing or other ways to deburr may be required. This method is suitable for small products with larger batches.

4. Frozen deburring

This is a method of rapidly embrittlement of burrs by using a sudden drop in temperature, and then spraying projectiles to remove burrs. Frozen deburring is suitable for products with smaller burr wall thickness and smaller workpieces. The price of the whole set of equipment is not low, about RMB 2300,000.

5. Hot deburring

Thermal explosion deburring is also called thermal energy deburring, explosion deburring. This is to pass some easy gas into an equipment furnace and then make the gas instantly explode through the action of some media and conditions, using the energy generated by the explosion To dissolve and remove burrs. The equipment required by this method is expensive, usually reaching more than RMB million, and the requirements for operating technology are also high. Deburring is inefficient, and can cause side effects such as rust and deformation. Hot explosion deburring is mainly used in some high-precision parts and components, such as precision parts for automotive and aerospace.

CNC Machining Part

CNC Machining Part

6. Deburring of engraving machine

The burr on the workpiece is removed by the engraving machine. The equipment is not very expensive, usually only tens of thousands of yuan. It is suitable for removing burrs with simple space structure and simple and regular location.

7. Chemical deburring

The chemical deburring method is a process of automatically and selectively removing burrs on parts made of metallic materials using the principle of electrochemical reactions. It is suitable for internal burrs that are difficult to remove, especially for removing small burrs on products such as pump bodies and valve bodies.

8. Electrolytic deburring

Method for removing burr of CNC Machining Part by electrolysis. This method will bring certain side effects, because the electrolyte is corrosive, and the vicinity of the burr will be subject to electrolysis, and the surface will lose its gloss, and even affect the dimensional accuracy. Therefore, the workpiece should be cleaned and rust-proofed after electrolytic deburring. This method is suitable for removing the burrs at the hidden holes in the parts or the burrs with complex shapes. The production efficiency is high, and it usually takes only a few seconds to tens of seconds for one operation. It is suitable for deburring of gears, connecting rods, valve bodies and crankshaft oil circuit orifices, as well as rounding of sharp corners.

The above is the method of removing metal burrs by CNC Machined Spindles Shafts Factory for you. Hope to help everyone.